November 28th, 2014.

PTT museum in the exhibition "First World War From the Funds of Science and Technical Museums of Serbia"

PTT museum is participating in the exhibition “First world war from the funds of science and technical museums of Serbia” organised by the Museum of science and technology in cooperation with the Union of Science and Technical Museums of Serbia. The exhibition has been opened since the 28th of November in the Museum of science and technology, and it has been prepared on the occasion of the centenary since the beginning of the First world war and it shows the participation of the Kingdom of Serbia in the First world war through the funds of science and technical museums of Serbia, by using 265 showpieces, photo documentation and archival records, some of which will be presented to the public for the first time.
Visitors will also be able to see some showpieces from the rich treasury of the PTT museum – Morse’s telegraph device of military-style from the early 20th century; Morse’s telegraph device of relief type from the end of the 19th century; inductor telephone exchange from the Residence on Bistrik, Sarajevo, which was used in the period from 1895 till 1920; photography of the San German castle, where the Peace conference was held, with signatures of the participants from 1919; sculpture “Through Albania 1915-1916“,author Jovana Pešić from 1919, as well as Polish phone from 1907.
Besides the Museum of science and technology and PTT museum, responsible for the exhibition are also Media centre of “Serbian railways“ – Railways museum, Museum “Stara livnica“ – “Zastava weapons JSC“ – Kragujevac, HRELJA – Collection of airplanes, Public Enterprise for underground coal exploitation Resavica – Mine “Rembas“ – Museum of coal mining industry “Senjski Rudnik“, Museum of Aviation – Beograd, University in Belgrade – Faculty of Chemistry - The Great Serbian Chemists, Museum of Nikola Tesla and Yugoslavian Film Archive. Authors of the exhibition are Danka Vlajnić, Ljiljana Đorđević, Aleksandar Saša Erdeljanović, Vladimir Jelenković, Jelena Jovanović Simić, Gordana Karović, Jasminka Korolija, Marija Milošević, Darko Mladenović, Tomislav Nikodijević, Miroslav Nikolić, Mirjana Novaković, Snežana Toševa and Mario Hrelja, and the author of the setting is Marko Jovanović.
The exhibition will last until 15th of January 2015, and the working hours of the Museum of science and technology are from Tuesday till Sunday from10 to 20 hrs.

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