March 4th, 2015.

PTT Museum will be open for all ages this Saturday

The doors of the PTT Museum will be opened like every first Saturday in the month, on the 7th of March, for all people of Belgrade and their guests between 11 and 19 h.
From 12 to 13 h there will be a children’s workshop “Children’s Postal hour”, intended for preschool and lower school age children from 3 to 10 years.
Entrance to all programs of the PTT Museum is free.

Our youngest visitors will be able to take photos and receive original postcards carrying the stamps with their photos, and in a mini post office they will see seals, phones, sorbents for paper, scales for measuring letters and writing kits.
Within the assignment “Write and send a letter to a loved one”, children will write and paint about the chosen topic, and then with the help of their parents and curator, they will address the letter, put a stamp on it and throw it in a real mailbox.
Also, children will take a peek into the treasury of the postal wealth and uncover artefacts from the history of the post, telegraph and telephone, during a short walk through the PTT museum, with adjusted guided tours for children aged three to ten years. They will be introduced to real postal coach, wagon train model for the transfer of letters, phones with handles and dials.
“Children’s Postal hour” will be finished with farewell memory gifts.
Adults can see the permanent exhibition "Meeting point”.

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