April 3rd, 2015.

Exhibition "160 years since the introduction of telegraph traffic in Serbia" is open

By the exhibition "160 years since the introduction of telegraph traffic in Serbia", which opened on April 3 in PTT Museum, PE Post of Serbia marks a major anniversary of telegraphy, that was the first organized system of fast distance communication.
The exhibition was officially opened, on behalf of Milan Krkobabić, CEO of PE Post of Serbia, by Mirjana Predojević, Executive director for HR and corporative responsibility, who stated that telegraphic services in Serbia started with a telegraph that was sent from Kragujevac, exactly 160 years ago on April 3, 1855.
„From that moment on, telegraph become a synonym for urgent news, it speeds up the way of communication and enables us to find out the same day about the events that happened on the other side of the world. Telegraph is also a forerunner of later technology for transmission of messages – printing telegraph, telex, wireless link and satellite communication.
The museum setting which opens this exhibition is full of telegraph devices from the beginnings of telegraphy which represent rare cultural heritage, appreciated both in our country and in the world”, said Mirjana Predojević and invited all attendees to go together through the history of telegraphy, starting with the Morse’s telegraph station, over Hughes’ and Baudot’s telegraphs, with the focus to the written documents from the earliest history of telegraphy.
With free entrance, the exhibition will be open until May 18, during work days from 10 to 15 hrs, and on Saturday, April 4, as every first Saturday in the month, PTT Museum will be open from 11 to 19 hrs (with a creative workshop for children at noon). From April 6 to 9 working hours of PTT Museum will be extended – from 10 to 19 hrs.

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